Carolien TV Episode 3: Interview With Aafke Osse

How To Stand On Your Own Two Feet With Female Leadership Expert Aafke Osse

What is it that’s being asked of women right now in our time? This question has kept me captivated over the last couple of weeks. Within my own social circle, I see women searching for each other’s company, exchanging ideas, collaborating and supporting each other in what they are creating. This is not a new thing, but it is emerging. I find myself intensifying my connections both online and in real life fast.

I was very pleased that Aafke Osse, expert on female leadership, said yes to my invitation to give her view on this topic on Carolien TV. Aafke knows a thing or two about empowering women. As a change consultant, she helps organizations to build a trustworty workplace where both women and men can flourish. Aafke is one of the founders of Sisterhood in Business, a network of leading businesswomen who are willing to share their expertise with a new generation of female entrepreneurs.

Personally, I’ve got to know Aafke as someone who walks her talk. She speaks up in public about women’s issues, about what is bothering her and what needs to be changed. She is also dedicated to her own personal development work, taking time out to reflect on and learn from a difficult collaboration and a personal loss. In this episode of Carolien TV, Aafke stimulates other women to also start trusting in their own wisdom, so that they will feel confident to stand on their own two feet more and more.

With many thanks to BoogieMen, TV Studio Schouwburgplein, Van Nelle Fabriek en Aafke Osse.