Happy Women’s Day (video)

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day together today. My suggestion? Reach out to one other woman whom you know will benefit from your attention today. Sharing your presence with her is all that is needed.

I have two inspired actions on my list today:

  1. I will call my eleven-year old niece Marieke. I haven’t celebrated International Women’s Day with here before, but now that she has turned eleven, I feel it is a good moment to start.
  2. I am sending a copy of my book ‘Als een luchtballon op een reuzenrad botst’* to Ellen. I haven’t been in touch with Ellen for quite some time, but I feel she might feel inspired by the content of the book. It’s an intuitive call; I’ll just go for it.

Would love to hear what connections you are making today. Share yours in the comments section. You will always get a reply.

(Apologies for the background noise in the video; the construction works in my street are pretty intense these days. Thank God they will be done pretty soon.)

*This is the Dutch title of my book. The book’s English translation is expected in the spring of 2021. Its title is: Living Bravely. Gateway To A Meaningful Life. Sign up for my newletter (bottom of right column on this page) and you will be informed when you can order your copy.