The Four Elements Of A Powerful Morning Routine (video)

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‘I know I am in there somewhere, but I don’t seem to be able to get in touch with myself. I work on many projects, but I wonder whether they are the right ones for me.’

I hear it all the time from my clients – smart, hardworking professionals who know how to get results. But they have lost touch with their bodies and therewith with their inner knowing. They cannot find that inner connection anymore that makes it oh so easy and fun and beautiful to navigate life.

I get it. I have been there myself. It wasn’t until I started to do all sorts of transformation work, that I created the breakthroughs that enabled me to inhabit my inner world. And I want you to experience that too.

Highway to your inner knowing

In order to restore the inner connection with yourself, you need to have some pieces into place. If you are currently having one Zoom meeting after another, there is hardly any time to tune in and feel what is going on for you in the now moment. One of the easiest and quickest ways to create this ‘tune in time’ for yourself is by committing yourself to a morning routine.

In this video, I share my own morning routine with time for personal care, breathwork and meditation, physical activity and journaling. My routine helps me to feel grounded, to stay focused during the day and to know what projects need my attention.

One piece at a time

It might be tempting to now say to yourself: alright, let’s do this! I am going to make this work. I’ll start tomorrow! Doesn’t work. Trying to implement all four building blocks at once, will set you up for disappointment. Start with one element and slowly add new stuff to it. Stacking small wins is the way to go. Chances are high that this approach will enable you to benefit greatly from your new habits. For good.

Tell me about you. Do you have a morning routine? And how does it help you throughout your day? Leave a message in the comments; you will always get a reply.

In this video, I also announce that I am looking for one or two ambitious professenials who know that they are born for more and are ready to claim the ‘more’. Let’s talk. You can book your free connection call with me here by clicking on this link. Would love to get to know you.