More Than Hot Baths and Champaign: the Truth About Self-Love (video)

#Self-love: it’s everywhere on the social media. Including pictures of hot baths and nail appointments. It’s absolutely magnificent that more and more men and women are paying attention to their own well-being and happiness. They are looking for ways to nurture themselves and to end exhaustion. Wonderful! It’s not the whole story though.

Showing up for yourself

True self-love is bringing to life what is inside of me. Creating what I want to create. And yes, that includes work, mainly inner work. Self-love is showing up for myself and dealing with my self-doubt so that I have the courage to write another 500 words of my second book. Self-love is dedicating myself to my morning routine, as I know that it will help me to be a powerful creator during the rest of the day. An act of self-love is also protecting myself when a co-worker is overloading me with all of her Covid-frustration. I don’t let myself be carried away by her emotions and take the time to process my irritation and my judgement – oh yes, those feelings are there too. Big time. Breathe and release, Carolien. Just breathe and release.

Doing What You Love

Tell me about you. What are your self-love practices? I would love to hear from you. If you would like to get some inspiration, pre-order your copy of my book ‘Doing What You Love. Discover Your Unique Contribution and Change the World’ here. This book is filled with practical tips and tools that will help you create what is yours to create. Buy this book. It’s a great act of self-love. Available as paperback (€ 10) and as Ebook (€ 6,95).