Doing What You Love Is Here! With a Special Introduction Offer

Doing What You Love. Discover Your Unique Contribution and Change the World

The paperback edition of my book Doing What You Love has just arrived. I am loving it! I felt a bit self-conscious to put my portrait in full on the cover. But as my intuition whispered in my ear to do so, I went for it. I’m happy I did. Intuition never lies.

Let me share with you what readers have said about the book:

Doing What You Love has touched my heart. It’s so spot on! I now follow my joy, I trust myself and I have found myself a place where I can create. Blissful! Living a meaningful life is easier than you think.’

– Renate

‘This book is for anyone who wants to learn about quirky thoughts and feelings and how these may be sabotaging them. Carolien lovingly teaches you how you can transform any saboteur and even benefit from it. I read it straight through.’

– Connie van Dam – Yoga therapist and body worker

‘Carolien has written such a to the point, beautiful, loving and true book! It’s a smooth read and all tips and tools can be easily applied in day-to-day practice. Doing What You Love is still resonating within me.’

– Mayana – Teacher of the heart, author and singer

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, make sure you don’t miss out on the special deal that I have for you. In order to celebrate this milestone, I am offering the Ebook of Doing What You Love for the special introduction price of € 2,95, which is a 58% discount of the regular price! Offer valid until June 4th. Use couponcode MILESTONE at check-out. Enjoy reading!