A Summery Pace

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A little wind passes through the open window. I am wearing the flowery dress that I bought in Polen, during my first summer vacation with Jeroen. I just got off the phone with one of my clients; we had a nice conversation.

It feels very summery today. Summery in the way that it is time for me to unwind. For two weeks, I will only work for 50%. The other half of the week, I am spending with the kids. I’ll probably get us to some water today. Or we will be lying in the shade in a park on a little plaid, playing some games. All fine, all good. Unwinding, relaxing, enojoying, hanging out.

Yes, I will get my taxes in on time. Let’s not get too summery here. Doing a reality check once in a while can be useful.

A place of knowing, enoughness and tenderness
Summertime encourages me to create from this soft place inside of me, a place of knowing, enoughness and tenderness. Very different from the getting-things-done-energy, that I’m also very familiar with. Equally important. It can definitely come in handy. But as soon as the getting-things-done-energy starts to take over the store, I know I’ve gotten myself into trouble. Instead of allowing myself the joyful pleasure of creating, I am forcefully pushing through.

The summer invites me to go at a different pace. Everything is already here. I only have to lean into it. And enjoy myself.

What does the summer bring for you? Would love to hear from you in the comment’s section below. You will always get a reply. Do you want to explore these different states of being a bit further? Access my online calendar here and book a free 30 minute connection call with me. Looking forward to speaking with you.