Energy For Your Legacy

Carolien van den Akker; Coaching Rotterdam; Life Coach Rotterdam; Transition Central; Are You Feeling Tired?; From Judgement To Joy.

You need energy for your legacy. What can you do when you feel tired? Replenish. Nourish. And check for yourself whether you got enough sleep last night. Often sleep is the issue. Not getting the 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night will eventually wear you out. It makes you feel less courageous, less vibrant and less energetic to create your legacy.

A lack of sleep

Last night, I had a wonderful and long conversation with a friend of mine. I truly enjoyed our time together. I ended up going to bed way after midnight. This morning, I realized that this is not for me anymore. It takes its toll on my mood, on my vibrancy and on feeling ready for the day. Just like alcohol does.

Building my legacy

So here’s the deal. Of course, occasionally I can go for a late night out. Only not when I want to put in a full day of work the next day. It simply asks too much from my creative power. Let’s plan these outings differently next time. How about meeting up at 6.00 pm and have dinner together? Or spend that evening on a Saturday night? In the end, I have some work to do here on this planet. There’s a legacy that wants to be built.

Let’s make sure I get all the sleep I need. And build that legacy.

Are you nourishing yourself enough so that you can work on your legacy? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the section below. You will always get a reply.