Allow Everything To Unfold For You

‘Enjoy life. Stay healthy.’ I read the words on the little label of my chai tea bag. They describe pretty well what I have been up to: I turned my energy to my health. It was as if my body said: ‘Hey, we’re here! You have never paid much attention to us, but it IS our turn now. You have invested in your emotional well-being, in your mental hygiene and in your spiritual growth. We are here, too! Don’t let us down. We are ready.’

A few objections
I have trained myself to respond wholeheartedly, whenever I receive guidance like this. I have come to understand that there is no point in trying to ignore the signs or postponing. Of course, I felt resistance. I wasn’t expecting differently. For example, I really wanted to finish the English translation of my book ‘Als een luchtballon’ and make some serious headway with my second book. These projects had to wait as they turned out to simply be less of a priority.

Another resistant part within me felt that the learning about whole foods and natural supplements, the special grocery shopping, the daily preparation of the green goddess juice, the smoothies, the fermented foods and the broths were way too time-consuming: ‘How on earth am I going to fit all these extra tasks into my day? I need to run a business, here! I need to be there for my clients. And for my family.’ My mind objected fiercely.

A supportive mindset
Thankfully, I also know it is always possible to take action on the inspiration I receive. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have received it. That’s how it works. The only thing I need to do is to decide that it can be done. It is exactly what I did.

Here’s the mindset that helped me during the early stages of exploring this new territory: ‘Apparently, my physical well-being is what is important in my life right now. I trust it is and I am willing to give it my all and to act accordingly. I might not understand the entire plan here -there must be one, otherwise I wouldn’t have been given the inspiration- but as soon as I see and feel a first step, I will take it. I know everything will unfold perfectly, as I have committed myself to this journey of experiencing health. I am safe. All is well.’

All sorts of action steps
I went in. Deeply and completely. It is the way I like to do things in life, including the coaching. No holding back.
My first step was to adjust my eating schedule to intermittent fasting: I now only eat between 12.30 pm and 6.30 pm. No snack and not even a little piece of cheese enters my mouth after that time. Of course I make an exception for feast days, the days I spend with family and friends. Life needs to be enjoyable and sharing food is one of my favourite ingredients for that.

I also severely cut down on my alcohol consumption, as I could feel how much toll just two glasses of wine would take on my body. Not worth it. Further, I lowered my sugar intake – both from sweets and from carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and bread. And I cut out red meat. These foods don’t help my gut.

Another step was to build an infra-red sauna on our attic, as it is a great tool to detoxify the body. I also did a five day water fast, which I had to end on day four, as my gut didn’t cooperate. The other three raw food detoxes (gut, parasites and liver, five days each, with plenty of time in between) went much better.

On top of this, I exchanged my easy-going once a week Pilates class for a pretty intense CrossFit schedule. I am working my way up to three workouts a week now. Love it.

How I am feeling
Yes, I am definitely feeling better than before. The best improvement is that my body and mind are now easily tapping into flow. No sweat. I also have access to a lot more energy. It feels as if I got rid of some dense parts in me that were blocking the flow. The sluggish digestion that I have suffered from for over twenty years, has really improved. On top of that, my wardrobe from three years ago, is fitting me again. All progress!

Results and beyond
The thing that almost feels more important than these immediate results, is the fact that I have walked the path of faith again. This time, it was in the new area of my health. I know this path well, as I apply it to business development, connecting with fabulous clients and reaching money goals. It is the path of commitment first, of making small changes while trusting the process. It starts with the belief that it can be done: I expect that vibrant health is available for me and I am willing to act on the hunches I receive. This includes building an infrared sauna on the attic, even if a part of me believes this is the weirdest thing to do.

Every step I took, might have looked like something I accidently stumbled upon: a small suggestion in a cook book (this lead to my liver detox), a blog from a bio hacker (two minutes later I signed up for a CrossFit introduction class) and a conversation with a friend about shamanism (had me dive into herbal supplements). What appeared to be random suggestions and conversations, have in fact been essential building blocks of my journey towards greater health. I used my body as a tool to identify these blocks. When it shared its enthusiasm, such as goosebumps and high vibes, for a certain step, I knew I had to take action. I wait for these bodily signs, as I know that that is where the gold is. Bingo! Let’s do it.

Keeping it up
Am I done? No, and I realize that I will never be done. My health is an ongoing project. I probably won’t immerse myself as fully into it as I did over the last couple of months, but I will keep up my new healthy habits and act upon the guidance I receive. No matter what my mind might think of it.

Are you ready to start to confidently connect with your guidance so that you can follow your own path? In January, I have three openings for private coaching clients. Is one of these spots for you? Sign up for a connection call with me to find out. Looking forward to speaking with you!