Carolien TV Episode 1: Interview With Mayana (in Dutch)

Mayana On Following Her Own Impulses

In this first episode of Carolien TV, I interview Mayana, Energy Management Consultant, Singer and Author of “Heart”, on making choices that are 100% her own. Mayana speaks about her commitment to follow her own impulses and openly shares her story of the costs of not doing so when she allowed her power into the hands of someone else. These days Mayana makes her decisions based on a very simple guideline: ‘Even if I only feel a tiny little flame of enthusiasm inside of me, I say “yes” and follow the impulse.’

I met Mayana a couple of years ago in Ibiza. When I arrived there with my family for our holiday, Mayana and her partner had just finished leading a retreat. Although we didn’t share that much then – my three-year-old and nine-month-old boys got most of my attention — I instantly felt a connection. I was touched by her honesty and could sense her wisdom. I knew I had met a woman who had been able to cut the crap and navigate life from a place of inner knowing. There was no question that Mayana had to be one of my first guests on Carolien TV.

With many thanks to Mayana, filmmaker Hans Wessels (BoogieMen) and the Van Nelle Fabriek.