Carolien TV Episode 2: Interview With Jacqui Burger

Fairtrade Businesswoman Jacqui Burger On Being Fearless

Fairtrade businesswoman Jacqui Burger is on a mission. She is determined to bring work to the remote, very poor areas of Nepal. How? By reintroducing traditional cashmere goat herding to the local community. It will make the entire chain of Jacqui’s fairtrade clothing brand So Good To Wear transparent: from the breeding of the cashmere goats in the Nepalese mountains to the knitted garments on the hanger in stores. This will be to the benefit of everyone involved: the conscious consumer will know what she is buying, the Nepalese workers will make a living and Jacqui will expand her business.

Do you want to know Jacqui’s secret to success? It has everything to do with well-developed negotiation skills and with fearlessness. Speaking about her collaboration with her business partner and husband Fons Burger, Jacqui states: “Our secret is that we are both fearless. And we are both panicking. But never in the same time.”

Help Jacqui start her goat herd in the higher regions of Nepal. Go to 1% Club and donate a goat. Jacqui is well on her way but could still use some extra supporters. You can support her crowdfunding campaign here.