Four Tips To Benefit Big Time From Your Intuition

What needs my attention right now? I have made a habit of checking in with my intuition quite a few times a day to get an answer to this very question. I stop myself, check within and listen to whatever I receive so that I can act accordingly.

It hasn’t always been this easy, however. I vividly remember making a big deal out of this intuition thing. When I first learned that I had an entirely different toolkit at my disposal to make my choices (aka by accessing my own body instead of endlessly weighing the pros and cons in my head) I only recognized the messages that came as thunderclaps with stars raining from heaven.

For sure, life changing revelations, but they only came once in a while. It took me quite some time to understand that yes, we have these meaningful aha! moments. Thank God we do. But there is so much more to discover on a regular, daily basis.

Now, a little hunch might nudge me to work on something different from what I had originally planned for. On this Monday morning, I knew I had a busy week ahead of me, as my oldest had his birthday party for his friends on Wednesday afternoon. I felt I’d better prepare for the workshop that I would be delivering right after the party in the evening.

When I checked in, however, I received something different: I was supposed to do some writing. I followed along and trusted that what I received was just what I needed at that moment. So I wrote. (In case you wonder, yes, the workshop did go well. It didn’t need much preparation after all.)

Let me give you my top four tips on how to benefit best from your intuition:

1. Don’t only rely on the thunderstorm, lightning and big aha! moments. A little whisper does the job too. Mind blowing revelations may come. Great if they do. But make sure that you don’t only act on those suggestions as you will miss out on the small, little hunches that are very useful and help you to make your day-to-day decisions.

2. Checking in with yourself is not just for the moments that you take out your diary, light a candle and have at least an hour of quiet time ahead of you. Make it your practice during the day to regularly take a breath, check in, listen and act. That’s it. You can do that anywhere, any place, any time. Even in a crowded place. No candle light or perfect conditions needed – that is only what you might THINK you need in order to receive the yummy stuff.

3. Trust what you receive. Don’t allow your mind to jump in with a ‘well, this is a bit odd’- objection. Whenever that happens and self-doubt creeps in, go back to what you just received and take a first small step. Give it a try. Play with it. You’ll become more confident as you go.

4. Never forget to say thank you for everything you receive. Why this is important? Accessing your intuition has to do with establishing a connection with yourself. It’s like deepening any relationship: when you take the time to share with your loved ones what made today special or what you feel grateful for, you’ll experience instant connection. This also counts for getting in touch again with your flow of life: gratitude leads to instant connection.

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