Til The End

Last week, I spoke with one of the participants in Transition Central. She had to get something off her chest: “Carolien, I have a kind of a funny question for you. Do you actually know that I am 63? Am I not too old for this group? By the way, I do hope that I know what your answer will be…”

Firstly, her remarks made me smile and then I burst out laughing. My laugh happened to be contagious and together we had a really good and long laugh. (Don’t you love those laughs?) This was exactly the response she had hoped for.

A way of life
After we got a hold of ourselves, I told her that I fully believe that doing your inner work so that you can share yourself fully, is a way of life. It doesn’t stop when you turn sixty. It doesn’t stop once you retire and it even doesn’t stop when you are in your nineties! It is a practice that I personally am not planning to give up until I die.

A lifelong practice

It is the practice of taking really good care of my body and my energy. It is the practice of daily reflection so that I get a sense of what is holding me back in taking my next steps. (Hint: this is always something that I myself have put in my own way. No one else to blame here!) It is the practice of getting in touch with fearful parts -the parts that would rather not show ALL of me- while empowering the courageous parts that are willing to leap. Finally, it is the practice to trust where I am at at this very moment, to also trust the inspiration I receive and to act upon it.

Are you sharing your best work?
No matter whether you are in your sixties or in your early thirties, your willingness to share the best of yourself with the world, is utterly important. For your own feeling of well-being and for the positive impact you can have on others. Now, you might want to take out some time to reflect on the way you are showing up right now. Are you currently sharing your best work, or is there still room for improvement? Would love to hear from you in the comments. You’ll always get a reply.

Never forget to have fun!

Lots of love, Carolien