It’s a Two-way Street (video)

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‘I feel completely stuck and if I am really honest with myself, I know that I have felt this way for at least three years now – if not longer. Something needs to change here.’ I always applaud people who come to me with great honesty and openness. They have taken the important first step of acknowledging that they are not in their happy place. It takes courage to do so.

Kudos, designer dresses and university degrees

Listening to their stories, I realize that many of them have been looking in the wrong place. Feelings of happiness and fulfilment can’t be obtained through the next shiny gadget, designer dress or educational degree. Neither do they come from collecting kudos from a partner or friends. It can be tempting to believe that there is something out there that can fill up your need for happiness and joy. If only you knew what…

In reality, happiness and fulfillment can only be found within you. Yes, I know, you have heard this many times before and you probably intellectually understand the concept. Question though: do you also know and sense it in your heart, in your entire being? That’s what makes the difference – I’ll write more extensively on this topic soon. For now, let’s go back to happiness and fulfillment: your body is your best friend, if you want to access it. It has the capacity to point you exactly into the direction of what is right for you now. Easily.

Your body as a signpost

There is only one but: you need to be willing to take good care of your body. Your body cannot function as your signpost, if you are not willing to put in the work that is required on your end. Just like any relationship, it is a two-way street. You take care of your body and your body can become this incredible source of information for you.

Taking very good care of your body

There are three things that need to be in place if you want to use your body as a signpost:

  1. Attention for your physical body. You are energy and energy must flow. Maybe you like to start your day with some yoga exercises. If you more are a sporty type, you can go for a run or do a workout at the gym. Dancing, a daily Energy Medicine routine or a simple walk in nature also work well. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, as long as it helps to start your energy flowing.
  2. Reflection time. Set some time aside regularly to check in with yourself. How are you doing? Is there unrest or do you feel calm? Is there anything that requires your attention? Simply put your pen on paper or open that new document on your computer and start to write. Journaling is a great way to slow down and to start to build relationship with your inner world.
  3. Sleep. Our bodies need relaxation, rest and enough sleep so that they can function optimally. An exhausted body cannot be this fabulous instrument on your journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. Are you having a hard time to fall asleep at night? Look for a good yoga nidra meditation or use this tool to calm down your nervous system.

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