Let It Move Through You (video)

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Why is it that one health worker feels overwhelmed when speaking about a Corona patient she cared for during the first weeks of the pandemic, while a colleague who has worked under the same extremely difficult circumstances feels steady and back on his feet again?

Reading through the beautiful and personal interviews this morning in the newspaper, I noticed that the health worker who had taken the time after every intense night shift, to go to the beach and scream to the sea and cry about all the horrifying things he had gone through during the night, felt relatively well.

This doesn’t surprise me. His willingness to make space for his emotions and to allow them to move through him, must have helped him a great deal. This counts for each and every one of us. In this video, I speak about the need to make space within ourselves for difficult emotions such as grief and loss.

I have a question for you: do you know about anything in your life that you haven’t given yourself yet fully permission for to feel into? Maybe because you feel scared that it will open up a whole can of worms? Or have you have been putting it off, telling yourself that you will deal with it one day?

Well, the time has come. If this resonates with you, drop me an email or sign up for a connection call with me by clicking on this link. Would love to connect with you. Boy, what a relief it is to start living the full spectrum of life. Yes, this includes the ups and downs and the seemingly hard stuff.