Resonance As Your Secret Weapon (FBlivestream)

Resonance As Your Secret Weapon (FBlivestream)

Don’t know what to do with your life? No clue how to find direction? It’s simple: change your modus operandi. Chances are that you have been relying on your mind to figure out what is next. Well, you have been looking in the wrong place.

Thousands of thoughts

Your brain is a great instrument when you are about to implement a project and need to think about all the different tasks at hand. It isn’t a reliable wayfinding tool though. Every day, you have thousands of thoughts. As a result, your mind will tell you A on Monday, only to find out on Tuesday that it strongly suggests you do the opposite. This 180 degree change can happen in a day. Or in a few moments.

Resonance is Energy

Luckily, you have a much better instrument at our disposal. It is your own body. Resonance is your secret weapon, if you want to learn its language. Resonance is energy. Wow! Hell yes! This is so cool! I NEED to jump on board and work with these people on this project! When something resonates with you, you feel excitement. It is an expansive feeling.

Of course, all our bodies are different. Some people sense a rush of energy or sudden warmth in certain areas. Others get goosebumpls on their arms and legs. Bottom line is that you feel replenished: you get energy.

When something doesn’t resonate with you, your body stays the way it is. It feels neutral, without much happening. When you don’t feel any resonance, you know you need to think twice before you commit to that new project.

An exercise on how your body communicates with you

Is this concept of resonance pretty new to you? Start with the little exercise below to discover how your body communicates with you.

  1. Find yourself a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the next five minutes.
  2. Sit down, feel your feet on the ground and your buttocks in the chair. Think about a very positive moment in your life. Pick one memory.
  3. Check in with your body, by bringing your attention to the midsection of your throat, chest, belly and pelvic area. Is there anything that responds to this happy memory? How does it feel? Try to describe the bodily sensations in one or two words. If it feels ok to you, you may give this feeling an internal ‘hello’.
  4. Now think about a very negative experience you have had in your life. Choose one memory.
  5. Again, check in with your body, focusing on the midsection of your throat, chest, belly and pelvic area. Do you feel an internal reaction to this negative memory? What is the feeling like? Describe in one or two words and say hello to it.
  6. You can now end this mini focusing session with an internal thank you to the body parts that have shown themselves to you. A simple nod will do.

Doing this exercise, you might have noticed how your body carries these different memories in very different ways. Maybe you got a sense of the contractive feeling that often comes with the negative memory and the expansiveness that accompanies the positive memory. Your body speaks to you through these various feelings.

It is your job to listen so that you can receive all the answers you are looking for.

Are you ready to explore what becomes possible for you if you allow your body wisdom to take the lead? Willing to go beyond the limits of your rational mind? Book your connection call with me here so that we can explore the issues that you are dealing with. If I feel that we are a match, I will let you know during the conversation in what ways we can work together. Would love to talk to you.