Self-trust Will Take You To The Moon And Back (video)

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Sometimes, I write an article or record a video with content that almost feels as if I am first and for all speaking to myself. Watching back this week’s video on self-trust, I felt it again: this is exactly what I need to hear right now.

Self-trust has been a top of mind issue for me for over the last couple of weeks. It started with my decision to start to show up more boldly and to honour my love for speaking by creating short videos. Whenever I stretch myself like this, old fears are triggered almost immediately. I know it is a normal part of the process. Stepping out of my comfort zone by becoming fully visible online requires that I expand into a new version of me. Clearing the fear and doubt that automatically come up, is a necessary step. This is how we grow.

This most recent round of growth and expansion triggered a very old fear of mine, the fear of being judged and rejected. The pattern went like this: I would record a video and upload it on my YouTube channel, but then it would take me another week (or much longer!) to share it on my social media channels. In the meantime, I would make up all sorts of excuses like: who is on LinkedIn at 4.00 p.m.? Let’s wait until tomorrow. The day after, my mind would throw in some other BS reasons why the video really couldn’t be posted yet.

Procrastination alarm! I recognized this self-sabotaging behavior from afar. Time to strengthen my self-trust. First, I took some time to acknowledge the part within me that felt fearful about being visible on video. I let it know that it doesn’t need to change or go away. It can be just as fearful as it is. Then, I decided to act from my inner place of self-trust. And to press the share button.

In this week’s video, I speak about three different stages of sharing your best work with the world. Self-trust is essential in all three of them. I am also curious about you: how do you assess your own level of self-trust? Good, moderate or is there room for improvement? For those of you who are serious about giving their self-trust a boost, sign up for a free connection call with me by clicking on this link. Let’s talk.