Put On Your Enoughness Shoes

    Leandro Erlich, Swimming Pool, 2016 Museum Voorlinden

‘So this is what enough is.’ Those were the words that came up for me during the check-out in the latest Transition Central online meeting.

Check-in and check-out
At the beginning and at the end of our online video meetings, we do a check-in and a check-out: every participant gets one or two minutes to speak what she is experiencing in that moment. She knows that all group members will listen deeply, without responding. This makes it safe for her to share whatever she has on her mind. There won’t be any judging. These one or two minutes are meant to give her the opportunity to become fully present in the moment and to arrive in the meeting. During the check-out, we follow the same model.

Setting an intention
My check-in for the meeting had to do with the fact that this second Transition Central online meeting, hadn’t been top of mind during the day. Yes, I had set my intention for the meeting: Let me be fully present today and let me be willing to share the best of me. I hadn’t done any other sort of preparation. There were some meetings with people and I did do some writing. During my minutes in the check-in, I realized how different this was from the first online video meeting. On that day, I had been rehearsing with the technical set up, with the light, and with the sound. An entirely different day.

Stepping into enoughness
The words from my check-out: ‘So this is what enough is’, were a revelation for me. I suddenly realized that this is what finding my enoughness switch is about! I set my intention for the meeting, and show up. During the meeting, I am fully present and hold space for all participants. That’s my job. It is easy and it is enough. Nothing else needed.

Putting on my enoughness shoes is a deliberate choice. I love these shoes. They feel natural and comfy.

Back to you. Have you trained yourself to step into enoughness, or are you sometimes struggling to find your switch? Sign up for a free connection call with me, if you want to explore this further. I am looking forward to speaking with you.

This is the second article of a blogpost series on enoughness. You can read the first article here.