Finding Your Enoughness Switch

    Do Ho Suh, Main Entrance, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA exhibited in Museum Voorlinden.

Knowing You Are Enough. It was a short sentence that came up this morning while I enjoyed a stroll in the neighbourhood park. It almost sounded like the title of a new program. I mean, who doesn’t need to know that she is enough?!? For sure, I do. I bet you do too.

Knowing you are enough, feeling it, sensing it and living it can be quite a challenge. Most of us are programmed differently. Growing up, you might have received messages like these: you have to work really hard. Then you are allowed to rest and feel good about yourself. Don’t rest for too long though. By the way, what is the next challenging task that you will sink your teeth into?

A preconditioned mind
Nothing wrong with working hard, once in a while, and sinking your teeth into a demanding project can be fun. I love these very productive days in which many things seem to be coming together. Here’s the other side of the coin though: I need to watch myself to not ONLY feel happy and content with myself after a highly productive day. It’s this trap in which I am connecting my self-worth to my productivity and my outcomes. Quite an unhealthy result of a preconditioned mind.

Flipping the switch
Let’s flip the switch here. Following the stream of life, means that I am dedicated to share my best work with the world. I do not do this work in order to feel worthy. It is the other way around: as I know I am worthy, I share my work. Feeling my worthiness, knowing it and acting upon it, takes the push out of me. It makes it ok to go for that walk in the park and to simply enjoy the surroundings, instead of frantically looking for inspiration or an answer to a certain question. All is well. I can rest in the trust that everything will unfold as long as I keep moving forward. Commitment yes. No more pushing though.

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