This Will Get You Instantly Out Of Overwhelm, Fear And Frustration (Free Gift)

Access Your Inner Peace

When I got home last Sunday, my husband told me that he didn’t feel good in his skin. I knew he had been painting our attic and usually he enjoys this kind of physical labour. But not this time. He quickly understood why: he had been listening to the radio all day. Painting with the Tour of Flanders or other spring classics on the radio, tends to put him in a good mood. Last Sunday’s hour after hour COVID coverage however, had sucked all of his energy.

Global crisis

It happens to each and everyone of us. With this global crisis going on, it is easy to slip into overwhelm, fearful thoughts, frustration or a bad mood. Maybe, you are trying to keep all balls in the air, combining your work with homeschooling your kids while trying to get your workout squeezed in. It can be a lot.

Or you are in a different situation and find yourself more than ever before confronted with the fact that you are living on your own. The new social distancing norm can make you feel rather lonely.

Access Your Inner Peace

I have created a little gift for you. It’s an ultra short audio that you can turn on whenever you feel overwhelm, irritation, anxiety or frustration creeping into your system. Or whenever you can use some extra relaxation.

In this short audio, I am guiding you through a very effective three step process:

  1. Give yourself permission to slow down and pause;
  2. Reconnect with your body. Feel your feet on the ground, feel the chair underneath your buttocks. Follow your breath, without wanting to change it;
  3. Remind yourself that you are more than your emotions, using this super simple hack: something in me. “I’m sensing something in me that feels overwhelmed/scared/frustrated and I am making some space for it. I acknowledge that there is a part in me that feels this way.”

These three steps enable you to shift your energy into a higher vibration within just a few seconds. Goodbye to overwhelm, fear and frustration.

Enjoy and try for yourself! Let me know what you observe within you when you follow the three steps. I would love to hear from you. You can leave your reaction in the comments below.