Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

    Kees Franse, Apples, 1973, Heemraadssingel in Rotterdam. One of the three apples is currently wrapped in orange plastic.

Self-love and self-acceptance often get mixed up. They are however two different things. Self-love has everything to do with taking really good care of yourself. You take your time to sleep and to relax. You take the time to connect with people who lift you up. You take the time to be with your loved ones. You nourish you.

Non-judgemental love
Self-acceptance is about meeting yourself where you are right now. This is where you are. Yes, you do see your flaws and you also see your strengths. There might be a part in you now that has a habit of judging yourself, hoping to get rid of the ‘bad parts’ as soon as possible.
Self-acceptance is the art of feeling unconditional love for all parts, including the so-called bad parts. It is the art of being present with yourself, for yourself. You are being present with your struggle, free of judgement.

Three guidelines
Self-love and self-acceptance are equally important as they are the ingredients of a life free of self-hatred and pain. Three things to keep in mind here:
1. Meet your body’s needs. Meet its needs for rest, for exercise and for healthy food.
2. Be present with what is going on on the inside. Are you feeling sad? Acknowledge you are and be present with the sad feeling so that it can heal.
3. Self-love and self-acceptance are well worth your attention. You need to love and heal yourself first before you can start to do your share in the world.

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