It Is The Body

Mental hygiene. Emotional balance. Spiritual connection. All these three areas have been at the focus of my attention over the last ten years. If you have been following this blog, you are well aware of this. Of course, I did pay attention to my physical well-being as well. I regularly exercised, spent time outside with the kids but it wasn’t on the top of my list. Recently, something has shifted.

Focus on the body
It is now Sunday afternoon and I just enjoyed a fabulous lunch with a tuna steak avocado salad with some homemade mayonnaise. It was my first meal of the day, as I am on an intermittent fasting schedule. I currently eat within an eight hour window of the day. The other 16 hours I go without food, only drinking water and tea. My goal is to be healthier and to feel even more energetic. It is not that I have felt crappy over the past years, but I do know that on the physical level there is something to gain for me that I haven’t discovered yet. And well, my inner knowing pointed me into this direction, so of course I listened. No questions asked.

My next step
I am writing you today feeling both excited and nervous. Tonight at 6.00 pm, I will have my last meal and start with a colon detox. On Friday at 6.00 pm I will reintroduce real foods again, after five days of bone broth, water and tea. I am very curious how this will go. How will I deal with the hunger call? What will I do when things get tough and I want to quit? I’m approaching it as a nice little experiment. Let’s see what happens. Will keep you posted!

Your inner call
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