Self-belief Killer #2

    Do Ho Suh, Staircase III, 2003/2010, as exhibited in Museum Voorlinden.

Earlier this week, I wrote here about the major effect your level of self-belief has on your outcomes. As self-belief is such a game changer, I am diving into the tricky ways in which you might be undermining it. Today I get to speak about self-belief killer #2: an overall lack of trust.

Self-belief and trust aren’t the same
Firstly, let me point out the difference between self-belief and trust. Self-belief has to do with knowing that you can take on a certain task or try a new project and successfully complete it. Trust is a whole different ball game. It is knowing that you are supported, that your work is supported and that you are safe. You can compare trust with the roots of a tree, standing in fertile soil, allowing self-belief to flourish and bear fruit.

Walking on coals
The opposite is also true: if you suffer from a lack of trust, self-belief has nowhere to go. There is no place for it to land softly and to be nourished.
This reminds me of Emile Ratelband, a Dutch positivity guru, trained by Tony Robbins. In his former TV show, he would ask people to scream the word ‘Tsjakka’ so that they could walk on coals. I suspect that the energy from Emile Ratelband shouting they could do it, was an important key to their success. Sure, having Emile Ratelband at their side, temporarily invigorated their self-belief. But if they don’t find that trust within themselves and on their own, it remains a rather superficial technique that makes spectacular TV but doesn’t bring much.

Sinking into trust
So the key is this: allow yourself to sink into your inner trust. It is there, but you might not have accessed it in a long time. Trust is not something you can forcefully grasp so that it becomes yours. It is an all inside process. You can look at it as deepening the relationship with yourself. As you become more and more connected with your center, you create a healthy basis for your self-belief. It can now empower you in everything you do.

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