Yes, You CAN Do This

    Week four of burst training and intermittent fasting. Yes, I can keep this up!

It is pretty simple. The difference between showing up and letting myself be distracted by random stuff, comes down to one thing: self-belief. Me believing in me means I do show up in order to do the work I am supposed to do. Me not being sure whether I will make it, makes it tough and messy.

Objections and complaints
Yesterday, I embarked on a 30-day blog challenge, I have committed to write one blogpost a day during the month of July. ‘Pardon me? You normally write one article per month, not one every freaking, single day!’ An inner dialogue of objections, complaints and 38 reasons why I will never succeed, unfolded. If I hadn’t watched myself, my last bit of self-belief would have slipped through my fingers.

Self-belief determines outcome
This evening, we could see in practice how much self-belief determines outcome. The Dutch women’s socker team made it to the final of the World Cup. Hooray! The reason they beat the Swedish team is that they decided to keep believing in their chance to win. They simply kept going and made the winning goal, at ten minutes in overtime.

Are you believing in yourself?
Now back to you. Are you deliberately choosing to support yourself and believe in yourself in all the projects you take on? Take a moment to reflect on the different roles that you have, as a professional, a partner, a friend, sibling and maybe as a parent. What comes up for you? Remember: self-belief is a conscious decision. Choose it.

Never forget to have fun!

Lots of love,